Postcard 3707

C. S. Co. Ltd (Publisher) ; Wilkie (Publisher) . Elevator at Gleichen, Alta.. Winnipeg: Gleichen: C. S. Co., Ltd., Winnipeg; Published by Wilkie, Gleichen, Alta, c1910.
Description: Many farmers wait with their wagons to unload their grain at grain elevators in Gleichen, Alberta.
Postmark: Gleichen, Alta., 1910-09-13
From: Percival Mather
To: F. Griffith Esq
Address: Clarandon Lodge, Stonegate, Leicester, England.
Message: "Sept.19th 1910, Here for the night This is where all the farmers send there corn too. Best regards, Percival Mather"
Physical description: 1 postcard : sepia ; 9 x 14 cm.
Language: English
Subject headings:
Collection: Prairie Postcards