Postcard 13082

Novelty Manufacturing & Art Co. Ltd (Publisher) . [King's Hotel, Regina, Sask.]. Montreal : Novelty Manufacturing & Art Co. Ltd., Montreal, [1920's].
Description : The King's Hotel was built in 1907 for J.H. Haslam, and was expanded in 1911. In 1925 it was purchased by Thomas and Jack Boyle. The Boyles ran the King's Hotel until 1971, when the building became the Royal International Inn. The hotel was demolished in 1978 - the Cornwall Centre stands where the King's Hotel used to stand.
On Back : "[printer's no.] 376549"
Description matérielle : 1 postcard : sepia ; 14 x 9 cm.
Langue : anglais
Vedettes-matière :
Collection: Prairie Postcards