Peel 0940

Morris, Alexander (1826-1889) [info]. The treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories: Including the negotiations on which they were based, and other information relating thereto. Toronto: Belfords, Clarke & Co, 1880.
Physical description: 375 p., map.; 19.5 cm.
Language: English
Cover title: "The treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba, the North-West Territories and Kee-Wa-Tin." On pages 299-375: "Texts of the treaties and supplementary adhesion thereto." Also published, Toronto: Willing & Williamson, [1880] (375p.); Toronto: Coles Pub. Co., 1971 & 1979 (375p.); Saskatoon: Fifth House Publishers, 1991 (375p.); Toronto: Prospero Books, 2000 (375p.). Parts of Morris' text reprinted in The treaties between Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, and the Indians of British North America , Regina?: T.C. Douglas, 1946 and [Regina]: Provincial Committee on Minority Groups in co-operation with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, 1961 (45, 44 leaves). A valuable source book by one who played a leading role in negotiating with the Natives.
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