Peel 115: Great Britain. Colonial Office. Papers relating to the Red River settlement, viz., Return to an address from the Honourable House of Commons to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, dated 24th June, 1819, for copies or extracts of the official communications which may have taken place between the Secretary of State and the provincial government of Upper or Lower Canada, relative to the destruction of the settlement of the Red River, to any legal proceedings thereon in the courts of Upper or Lower Canada, or to any complaints made of those proceedings by Lord Selkirk, or the agents of the Hudson's Bay or the North-West companies: Also for copies or extracts of the reports made by the Commissioners of special inquiry appointed to inquire into the offences committed in the Indian Territory, so far as the same can be made public without prejudice to the public service, or to judicial proceedings now pending in Canada: Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 12 July 1819. [London: s.n], 1819?. .

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