Peel 437

Cheadle, Walter Butler (1835-1910) [info]; Gellner, John (b.1907) (editor) [info]; Redfern, Jean (illustrator) . Cheadle's journal: Being the account of the first journey across Canada undertaken for pleasure only, by Dr. Cheadle and Lord Milton, 1862/1863. Toronto & New York: Baxter Pub. Co, [1966].
Physical description: iv, 206 p., illus.; 27 cm.
Language: English
Drawings by Redfern are partly from Cheadle's sketches. Also issued in limited edition version with slipcase. Also published, Toronto & New York: Baxter Pub., [1978?] (206p.). For the first publication of Cheadle's journal see Peel 438.
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