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Author Bio

427: A sketch of an overland route to British Columbia . 1862.
Fleming, Sandford (Sir) (1827-1915.)
1827-1915. Born and educated as surveyor and engineer in Scotland; became engineer for Northern Railway, 1845; chief engineer of Intercolonial Railway during its construction; engineer-in-chief of surveys for CPR, 1871-1880; proponent of 24-hour-per-day system of time reckoning and intra-imperial system of cable communication; created C.M.G. (1877), K.C.M.G. (1897); charter member of Royal Society of Canada, 1882; chancellor of Queen's University, 1880-1915; director of HBC and CPR for some years (Wallace, Dictionary of Canadian biography).

Other authors of Peel 427

  • Hind, Henry Youle (1823-1908.) [info].