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61: Henry's journal Covering adventures and experiences in the fur trade on the Red River, 1799-1801: A paper read before the Society, May 4, 1888 . 1888.
Bell, Charles Napier (1854-1936.)
1854-1936. From Ontario to Fort Garry as member of Wolseley expedition, fall 1870; after a year in Customs Department made hunting expedition in upper Saskatchewan region, summer 1872; customs clerk, 1874-1881; customs clerk with CPR, 1881-1886; secretary of Winnipeg Grain Exchange, 1887-1916; secretary-treasurer and later treasurer of Winnipeg Board of Trade, 1887-1919; active member of Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba and other scientific societies (Winnipeg Free Press, August 3, 1936).

Other authors of Peel 61

  • Henry, Alexander elder (1739-1824.) [info].