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La Presence Francophonie en Alberta / Our Francophone Heritage

Title and Theme

French Canadians

Division/Grade Level

Division II
Grade 4-6

Time Frame

Allow three or four 40-minute classes

Lesson Overview

This lesson is designed for a classroom where French is the language of instruction. The lesson plans are written in English, but the resources are all written in French. PLEASE PREVIEW THE PEEL MATERIALS TO ASSESS THE SUITABILITY OF LANGUAGE AND CONTENT FOR YOUR PARTICULAR CLASS.

The materials are historical documents written about the time of the French settlement in Alberta and the prairie provinces. Students will be required to read the French documents and extract the most important facts from each article. The pertinent information will be gathered and presented to the class in a slideshow (such as PowerPoint or Hyperstudio) presentation.


Students will learn of the French presence in the prairies from the time of the development of the Canadian west. They will see the impact that the French have had on the development of Alberta.


Students will:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the cultural diversity and heritage of Alberta.


Students will:

  1. develop historical thinking skills by summarizing the key events of a given time period;
  2. use graphic organizers to organize pertinent information;
  3. prepare and present a multimedia presentation.


Students will:

  1. be encouraged to develop an appreciation of the cultural and lingustic diversity of Alberta;
  2. be encouraged to recognize the contributions of the Francophone as an important part of Alberta’s history.

Curricular Connections

Social Studies
Language Arts

New Vocabulary


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