Map 746

Topographical Surveys Branch, Department of the Interior; Wheeler, Arthur O.; Ridgeway, Jas. H.. Preliminary map of a portion of the District of Alberta showing Canadian irrigation surveys during 1894. Ottawa: Department of the Interior, 1894.
Physical description: 1 map : photocopy ; 71.1 x 55.7 cm. on sheet 74.1 x 57.7 cm.
Language: English
Scale: 1:253,440
References include lines levelled over, permanent bench marks, points where streams were gauged, constructed and projected canals and ditches, surveyed public highways, and trails.
"Compiled and drawn from Irrigation and Dominion Lands Surveys by Arthur O. Wheeler, D.L.S., assisted by Jas. H. Ridgeway."
"Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mountains and foot-hill country to be mapped from future phototopographical Surveys."
Spans Tps 19-36, Rgs. 24-29, W 4th M, 1-8, W 5th M.
Sheet no. 1.
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