Postcard 1321

Lyall (Photographer) . Radford Wright fire, Winnipeg. [Winnipeg]: Lyall, c1912.
Description: Image shows the fire damage remains at Radford-Wright Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
From: Trud
To: Ida
Address: 124 Harriet St, Winnipeg
Message: "Tuesday night, 12am, Dear Ida, As its pretty late I'm just sending this P.C. as I am newly home faster [seceive] away again. And if his progress in getting well is as good or like feeling to-day, i think there will be every hope's of Leaving late next week sometime. So I hope you are always looking forward to the good times to come, eh? The [Laive] as are doing (Coffee) This is a P.C. of the big fire we had here on Saturday night where 7 folks got killed. Hope you got my letter all right and the Shock not so bad as was expected TaTa Ida etc Hope to see you soon and in good health. Hope your Serbs all right again Love Trud XXX, Be good [aye Tas Luck]"
Physical description: 1 postcard : b&w ; 14 x 9 cm.
Language: English
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Collection: Prairie Postcards