Postcard 4137

Warwick Bro's & Rutter (Publisher) ; Roberston's Bookstore (Published for) . Galt Hospital, Lethbridge, Alberta.. Toronto: Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Limited, Printers, Toronto, c1909.
Description: Postcard depicts Galt Hospital in Lethbridge, with the nurses' home to the left.
On Front: [Printer's no.] 3909
Postmark: Durham, U.S.A., 1909-04-28
Postmark: Vickers, Ont., 1909-04-29
From: Ida
To: Miss Marion Coutts
To: Published for Roberston's Bookstore, Lethbridge, Alta.
Address: Vickers, Ont.
Message: "April 27, Dear Chum: I arrived home fine. J.S. came in. We put on a fire and he got warm before going home. started Mary's dress this afternoon. I am fine now Marion every thing all right. were you lonesome after we left. I will write a letter some of these days. well I must ring off hoping you are well. good bye from Ida"
Physical description: 1 postcard : sepia ; 9 x 14 cm.
Language: English
Subject headings:
Collection: Prairie Postcards