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C.C.F.-Social Credit Weyburn Federal Constituency. Fletcher is not a Social Credit Candidate. [Weyburn, Sask.]: C.C.F.-Social Credit Weyburn Federal Constituency, [1935].
Alternative titles:
  • Don't split your vote!!
Physical description: 1 sheet ; 24 cm.
Language: English
Election-campaign leaflet supporting the candidacy of T.C. Douglas in the 1935 federal election. The item affirms Douglas as the legitimate Social Credit candidate in the Weyburn constituency. The election of William Aberhart’s Social Credit government in Alberta in August of 1935 concerned Douglas. He feared that the emergence of a Social Credit candidate in Weyburn would split the radical vote and damage his chance of victory. Douglas’ representatives contacted Aberhart’s Saskatchewan organizer, Colonel W. H. Arnold, to see if their candidate could gain a Social Credit endorsement. Arnold agreed to do so if Douglas could garner the support of Social Crediters in the Weyburn constituency. Since no real Social Credit Party organization existed in Weyburn, the local C.C.F. created one, which naturally threw its support behind Douglas. The local Liberals, however, did the same thing, putting forward their own Social Credit candidate, Morton Fletcher. As a consequence, the Weyburn Constituency saw competing Social Credit candidates. (Thomas H. MacLeod and Ian McLeod, Tommy Douglas: The road to Jerusalem, Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers, 1987, pp. 60-63).