Postcard 752

Gerlach-Barklow Co (Copyright holder) ; Joliet (Illustrator) . November Harvest (Oak Lake, Manitoba). [U.S.A.] : Copyright 1911 by the Gerlach-Barklow Co., Joliet, Ill, U.S.A, c1914.
Description : Illustration of woman walking down a lane with bountiful fields with peasants, turkeys, pumpkins and fruit trees.
On Front : [advertisement] The home - a priceless haven Where good Home-made Bread always receives first consideration and securely welds the link of blissful contentment ANCOR BRAN FLOUR is the most perfect product of good wheat, and invariably satisfies all requirements. LEITCH BROTHERS FLOUR MILLS. LTD. Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada Makers of Anchor Brand Flour
Postmark : Stirling, Ont., 1914-07-04.
Postmark : Hoards Station, Ont., 1914-07-06.
From : Alma
To : Mrs. Arthur Sharpe
Address : Hoards, Ont.
Message : "July 3 Dear sis Will I have dress so you can get it. I would like you to come for it can't stay vest in untill you try it on can't come up to morrow night Alma"
Description matérielle : 1 postcard : col. ; 9 x 14 cm.
Langue : anglais
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Collection: Prairie Postcards