La Liberté

This weekly Manitoba French-language newspaper merged with the Saskatchewan newspaper Le patriote de l'Ouest to form La Liberté et le patriote, in 1941. By 1971, it was known as La Liberté again.

The digitization of the entire run of La Liberté was completed in recognition of 100 years of its publication.

Thank you to our partners, the Société historique de Saint-Boniface, who coordinated this project; the Société franco-manitobaine and the Université de Saint-Boniface, who contributed funding for this project; and the Manitoba Legislative Library, who provided microfilmed copies for digitization for this project.

Below are links to each of the three titles under which La Liberté has been known over the years:


La Liberté
La Liberté

1913–41; 1,448 issues
La Liberté et le patriote
La Liberté et le patriote

1941–71; 1,531 issues
La Liberté
La Liberté
1971–2013; 2075 issues

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