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  • Canada: A People's History – An excellent site produced by the CBC based on the TV series of the same name. Teachers can download curriculum resources which integrate different forms of media and learning.
  • Canadian Confederation – "Canada and the United States share the world's longest undefended border. The two countries share much common heritage but are very different in many ways. While the United States was forged by two wars, Canada developed through constitutional evolution. In this project, through the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web, we bring into focus the influence of the American Civil War on the achievement of Canadian Confederation."
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Online – Now online with contributions from over 3800 different sources.
  • Canadian History Resource – Provides coverage of historical events in Canada, including Canada's parliamentary system, symbols, flags, and arms, heritage, and literary archives. A selection of teacher's resources are also available.
  • Alberta History: How the West was Young – Many textual and audiovisual resources are provided to supplement your curriculum.
  • Canada's SchoolNet Curriculum Resources for Canadian History – An excellent index of sites offering curriculum resources.

Digital Collections, newly merged with Alouette Canada, offers a  search portal for digital collectionsfrom across Canada (including Peel's Prairie Provinces). Using the Alouette Canada Discovery Portal, "Canadians have one navigation and resource discovery system to find digital collections from libraries, archives, galleries, museums, historical societies in a wide range of formats: sound files, video, maps, artifacts, photographs, paintings, diaries, posters, books, and public records. Search results link you to the digital content on a contributing partner's web site."

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  • William C. Wonders Map Collection and Database – Located on the Floor 4 North of Cameron Library, University of Alberta Libraries has one of the largest collections of cartographic materials in Canada. One of its many strengths is material related to Western Canada. Records for maps are searchable via an online database (though digitized materials are not yet available).
  • Indian Reserves of Western Canada – Produced by Library and Archives Canada, "This database provides item-level descriptions on approximately 1,500 maps and plans that relate to aboriginal reserves and settlements in western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut Territory). The maps described here are both published and unpublished, and are generally limited to single discrete (monographic) records. Approximately 1,200 items, now in the public domain, have been digitized."
  • Atlas of Canada – Of particular relevance to Peel are the Map Archives, which contain "943 maps from seven previously printed collections. They include all five past editions of the Atlas of Canada, 1906 to 1995, the Canadian sector of the International Map of the World, 1956 to 1987, and the first Glacier Atlas of Canada, 1969 to 1972.