Peel Prairie Provinces Website has moved! This site is no longer being maintained and will be retired over the next year. Please visit to access this content.


This page will document the development of the Peel website and collection.

Next Steps – Winter 2009

  • Add search by Peel number field – COMPLETED
  • Look at combining "Newspaper" and "Books" indexes for cross-collection search – MOVED T0 2010
  • Solr indexing work for beter indexing performance – COMPLETED
  • Image interface and search development – IN PROCESS, BETA LAUNCH DECEMBER 2009
  • Release Prairie postcard collection (approx. 14,000 images) – IN PROCESS, COMING DECEMBER 2009
  • Release images collection – IN PROCESS, COMING DECEMBER 2009
  • Accessioning work for the Sir Sam Steele collection – IN PROCESS
  • Ongoing digitization of Peel items -

Spring and Summer 2008

  • site redesign with new look & feel, increased usability – COMPLETED
  • significant increase to collection size (more terabytes = more Peel!) – COMPLETED
  • metadata work on 14,000+ historical prairie postcards – COMPLETED
  • records migration and updating work – FRBR qualities (see example) – IN PROCESS
  • print-friendly CSS – new print styles sheets, as well as fixes to allow for better newspaper article printing – COMPLETED
  • "permalink" identification of item records for easy linking, citation and referral
  • collapsible, redesigned sidebars on search results pages – COMPLETED
  • redesigned facet structures – COMPLETED
  • improved item and page level navigation – COMPLETED
  • added statistics section – COMPLETED
  • added news section – COMPLETED
  • added feature collections section to homepage – COMPLETED
  • added RSS feed for news and updates – COMPLETED