This page will document the development of the Peel website and collection.

Next Steps – Winter 2009

  • Add search by Peel number field – COMPLETED
  • Look at combining "Newspaper" and "Books" indexes for cross-collection search – MOVED T0 2010
  • Solr indexing work for beter indexing performance – COMPLETED
  • Image interface and search development – IN PROCESS, BETA LAUNCH DECEMBER 2009
  • Release Prairie postcard collection (approx. 14,000 images) – IN PROCESS, COMING DECEMBER 2009
  • Release images collection – IN PROCESS, COMING DECEMBER 2009
  • Accessioning work for the Sir Sam Steele collection – IN PROCESS
  • Ongoing digitization of Peel items -

Spring and Summer 2008

  • site redesign with new look & feel, increased usability – COMPLETED
  • significant increase to collection size (more terabytes = more Peel!) – COMPLETED
  • metadata work on 14,000+ historical prairie postcards – COMPLETED
  • records migration and updating work – FRBR qualities (see example) – IN PROCESS
  • print-friendly CSS – new print styles sheets, as well as fixes to allow for better newspaper article printing – COMPLETED
  • "permalink" identification of item records for easy linking, citation and referral
  • collapsible, redesigned sidebars on search results pages – COMPLETED
  • redesigned facet structures – COMPLETED
  • improved item and page level navigation – COMPLETED
  • added statistics section – COMPLETED
  • added news section – COMPLETED
  • added feature collections section to homepage – COMPLETED
  • added RSS feed for news and updates – COMPLETED

Collection Stats

Bibliographic records:10,527
Digitized Items:7,535
Digitized Pages:758,130
Newly Mounted Items:2
Newspaper Issues:67,019
Newspaper Pages:646,697
Newspaper Articles:4,909,669
Newly Mounted Issues:1,074